Happy New Year!



All of us at the Stitchin' Den think this is a great resolution, don't you?   Seriously, we do hope you always take time for your favorite fiber art.

 What would you like to accomplish in 2016?
      Are you like 9 out of 10 knitters who, in an informal survey,  stated their main resolution is to use up their stash yarn?  When Susan heard this, she came up with the perfect solution!  The Stitchin' Den will host a "Stash Busting Party" to help you achieve your goal.  Each participant will bring her own stash.   As we share our stashes, we will evaluate each other's yarn,  share ideas and patterns and leave with a plan!  Laughs and good stories are guaranteed.  This will be a party you won't want to miss!  Dates, times and details will be announced  soon.
     Does one of your resolutions  involve learning a new skill?  Would you like to learn to needlepoint, knit, crochet?  Call The Stitchin' Den.  Would you like to  knit with multiple colors, create cables or other textured stitches, or learn to fix mistakes?  Call The Stitchin' Den.  Would you like to knit your first sweater, felt your first tote bag, or crochet your first blanket?  Call The Stitchin' Den.  The Stitchin' Den loves to teach people new skills.  We want to teach the skills you want to learn! Tell us what you want to learn, and we will plan our 2016 classes around your comments.  Another popular resolution for stitchers is,  "I will finish all my WIPS".   This is such a big challenge for me, I am creating my "Action Plan" for my unfinished projects and will share it with you in the near future.